At last Mobile Web, thanks to iPhone

In January, Google disclosed that the traffic to Google from iPhones had surpassed any other smartphone, despite iPhone accounts for only 2% of the worldwide smartphones, Nokia’s Symbian 63%, Windows Mobile 11% and RIM 10%.

Later in March, M:Metrics confirmed that 85% of iPhone users access the web from their handset, compared to 58% of smarphones, and a mere 13% of the overall market.

Want to know why iPhone users spend their time on the Web? Watch this video:

Have you tried to do the same from a Nokia N-series? even from a Windows Mobile handset? Do not try. The improvement in usability that iPhone and its Safari browser brings over other handsets is huge and really makes Mobile Web, at last, usable.

Hopefully, Android will be able to follow iPhone’s solid steps into Mobile Web.

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