Kindle is to ebooks what iPod is to mp3

Amazon Kindle

Amazon, as usual, has got it right and Kindle is a great device. Once you get to know the detailed specs, you realize it is not just  another ebook reader. Kindle is to ebooks what iPod is to mp3.

Not only the official features are impressive. CNET blog Underexposed by Stephen Shankland unveils that, after some reverse-engineering,  Kindle hides a few surprising secrets, including a picture viewer, a minesweeper game, and most interesting, CDMA-based location technology!

TechCrunch reports this finding too: “Amazon’s Kindle knows where you are

Still the feature that impress the most is not hidden: did you know that Kindle brings EVDO Wireless Connectivity? did you know Amazon takes care of the EVDO charges to Operators. No EVDO subscription is required!

Thanks to EVDO free connectivity, you can download ebooks in a minute wherever you are. Not only that, you can also keep updated online on newspapers, magazines and blogs!

See the video from Jeff Bezos and others in this link. You will be amazed.

As blogger Guy Kawasaki says: ” this is a no brainer”.

5 thoughts on “Kindle is to ebooks what iPod is to mp3

  1. stone

    Why another device?

    I can listen to audio books from my iPod or from my phone/PDA where I can read also word, lit and pdf.

    I can also read the ebooks on my Vaio.

    Why do I need Kindle?

  2. Navigator2

    Stone, you may have missed one of the best features of the device, its e-ink, the closest to ink and paper in the market. No backlight, no tired eyes.

    Some more advantages of Kindle:
    – longer battery life
    – smaller than your Vaio and as easy to grab as a book. I can imagine myself reading on Kindle while on the line to board the plane on an airport. I can not see myself doing that with the Vaio

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