Linux MCE Video Demo: Impressive!

You can download this video in high-def with the text sharp and readable:

Running on Kubuntu, Linux MCE is probably the most advance Media center in the market, and probably the best option for your digital home… if you are a Linux savvy.
I must admit that installation for the Linux MCE is straight-forward. Now, the configuration of many of the features in the video, including simply to discover media in other PCs in your network, might take some more time and IT skills.

Nonetheless if I get it to do what it promises, this is really the Media Center and Home Automation system of my dreams.

There is a more simple option that installing yourself:  Fiire builds HW with Linux MCE pre-installed. Fiire is the vendor of the gyro and the thin media extenders in the demo video.

Although somehow overpriced, I must admit that the product definition from the Fiire guys is outstanding.

37 thoughts on “Linux MCE Video Demo: Impressive!

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  2. Red

    OOh man, I really should not have watched this! Now I am thinking about a server, another pc, a new flat screen TV, and miles of cable…
    Who said this was free….lol My GF is going to spite me…

  3. wil

    the UI looks nasty, and the pvr setup is only that good if you have the right hardware. same for all the hardware, if you tried to install this on a hp desktop, acpi would complicate your install. if thats a fiire media centre, thats exactly why its so easy, i i ordered bits for an mce, i bet it wouldent be so easy. linux is never easy, its not supposed to be.

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  7. Rick

    God, the software is great but the GUI can’t get any uglier. The gradients and color choice make me puke!

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  10. VC

    The functionality and the way the user can interact with the interface looks incredible. Unfortunately, the interface itself is one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen.

    Part of the appeal of mediacenter-type programs is to show them off to others as you watch TV and movies or choose music for a party. The amateurish artwork and color choices just won’t have that same slick feeling as evinced by Coverflow and Windows MCE.

  11. Stian

    I don’t know…The UI is about the ugliest I’ve come across, which can be explained by three simple letters: KDE. I’ll stick with Windows XP and Mediaportal until there’s (hopefully) a LinuxMCE running Gnome.

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  13. onesojourner

    impressive features but holy smokes its ugly. I could never use something so ugly. I don’t think keeping the media full screen all the time is really a benefit. It makes things to clutters. Mythbuntu looks much nicer. I am going to give that one a shot. Hopefully you guys can get this one looking respectable soon.

  14. m00nstone

    The look of the UI is the least of my concerns. I want quick efficient access to all of my media. Front row. Looks great. Functionality sucks. I’m really looking forward to trying this out.

  15. Chuckisnutz

    Well, isn’t that the thing about linux, you can alter prettymuch everything, including the UI? If someone really wanted to, they could make a really pretty one. I think it was just altered to be super ugly so you could use it on any size moniter, really, without any big differences. If you could alter the way things are represented on different moniters without changing the overall design so much to make it confusing, I don’t see what the problem would be. Great program.

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  17. website design

    The look of the UI is the least of my concerns. I want quick efficient access to all of my media. Front row. Looks great. Functionality sucks. I’m really looking forward to trying this out

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  20. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author

    @lies, if you want all the features in the demo (including the more sophisticated SMS alerts, follow me etc) it definitively needs a lot of Linux expertise, and working with the Fiire HW. Else it must be really painful.

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